Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Covid cases, and deaths are soaring. Florida is now the epicenter of the Covid outbreak in the United States. The CDC is now recommending all students K-12 wear masks while in school. The CDC is also recommending that all vaccinated people should wear masks again in indoor settings. As of today there were 397,718 new Covid cases in the U.S in the last week. Florida accounted for 22 percent of those cases with 87,470 Floridians infected.


A letter to the editor in The Palm Beach Post sums it up,don’t be a plague rat!


“In 1347 the Black plague-infected Europe and lasted until the 1350s when it faded away due to a lack of people left alive to become infected.

It returned in the 1500’s and again went dormant for the same reason. When it rose again in the 1600’s,people figured out that rats were spreading the disease,and defended themselves accordingly. The death rate dropped.

Whether Covid-is is an apt comparison to The Black Plague, the circumstances are the same. It’s killing people and there’s a defense

Some amongst us choose not to participate in this defense,citing references from such distinguished sources such as Facebook and doctors whose last name should be Seuss.

It makes you sterile, contains microchips, reacts to 5G waves, and interrupts your monthly cycle. Each of these “reasons” has been debunked, nearly as often as Trump’s claim to a second term ,yet there are still those that refuse. By their refusal they allow the virus to spread and mutate and threaten those who have chosen to defend themselves.

It’s a simple concept. You are either contributing to humanity’s fight against this pestilence or you’re a plague rat. Don’t be a plague rat.”

Ed Hutcheson, Lantana