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Broward County Schools Superintendent Runcie Arrested Charged with Perjury


Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Broward schools superintendent Robert Runcie was arrested Wednesday by the FDLE. Runcie is charged with perjury. Also arrested was the General Counsel for the school board attorney Barbara Myrick.

From the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, “the 20th Statewide Grand Jury charged Runcie and Myrick related to their testimony before the grand jury. The grand jury was impaneled to investigate possible failures in following school-related safety laws and mismanaging funds solicited for school safety initiatives.”

Attorneys for Runcie  had the following message posted today-

“It is a sad day in Broward County and across Florida when politics become more important than the interests of our students. Superintendent Runcie has fully cooperated with law enforcement throughout this statewide grand jury process. This morning, we received a copy of an indictment that does not shed any light on what false statement is alleged to have been made.

“He will continue to be transparent with the Board, the parents and the public with any new information he receives. Mr. Runcie will enter a plea of not guilty to the charge. We are confident that he will be exonerated and he intends to continue to carry out his responsibilities with the highest level of integrity and moral standards, as he has done for nearly ten years in his role as Superintendent.”