Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-So much for our rave review of their Chicago Italian Beef sandwich, seems there was more going on at Chi-Town in Pompano Beach. Seems Chi-Town was High Town. BSO detectives made a traffic stop of the owner Louis Younglove Sr. in the parking lot where Chi-Town restaurant is located in Pompano Beach. Details and narrative from BSO below. Louis Younglove owner of Chi-Town and his son who was in the car with him were both arrested for drug possession in the parking lot of their Pompano Beach restaurant.

PIO Number:
BSO Case Number:
Feb. 4, 2021
10:30 a.m.
Pompano Beach
Place of Occurrence:
334 S.E. 15th St., Pompano Beach
State of Florida
Louis Younglove Sr., 57, 7/29/63, male, 181 N.E. 51st St., Oakland Park
Adam Younglove, 24, 8/25/96, male, 181 N.E. 51st St., Oakland Park
Description of Incident:

Younglove.PNGYounglove 4.PNGYounglove3.PNG
​Broward Sheriff’s Office detectives say there was more on the menu at a Pompano Beach restaurant than just Chicago-style hot dogs, pizza and chili.

According to BSO’s Strategic Investigations Division and the Pompano Beach Crime Suppression Team, restaurateur Louis Younglove Sr. not only served up hot dogs with fixings. He helped some people get their fix by peddling drugs. BSO detectives culminated a monthslong investigation on Thursday, Feb. 4 when they conducted a traffic stop on Younglove at 334 S.E. 15th St. in the parking lot of his restaurant, Chi-Town Chicago Italian Beef & Hot Dogs.
Inside a duffle bag in Younglove’s car, detectives found a smorgasbord of illegal drugs – cocaine, fentanyl, ecstasy, marijuana and various prescription drugs. Detectives also found more than $18,000 in cash. Younglove’s son, Adam, was a passenger in the car. He was found in possession of fentanyl and marijuana and was arrested.
On the same day, detectives served a search warrant at Younglove’s Oakland Park home and discovered even more illegal narcotics inside, as well as nearly half a million dollars in cash.
Using a myriad of investigative techniques, BSO disrupted this major narcotics operation and ended the days of Chi-Town being “High-Town” for drug seekers. As a result of the investigation, Younglove Sr. faces more than a dozen criminal charges and is currently being held in jail.

Organized Crime Unit, SID
Det. J. Bates, SID

Carey Codd/Sr. PIO
2/8/2021 1600

Sgt. D. Fitzpatrick, SID

Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach CST


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