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Dirty In Deerfield Dumpers Leaving Garbage In Front Of Recycling Bins


Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach, Fl- In a city where recycling had been stopped due to lack of markets and a contamination rate that Waste Management claims were too high. The city has placed a few recycling bins at the request of citizens who want to continue to recycle. This action seems to have lead to a new dumping problem in front of the recycling bins. Dirty dumpers dumping garbage in front of the recycling container.  These are recycling bins, not garbage dumpsters do not put the garbage in it or in front of it. Keep our city clean throw trash in the trash. The actions of these folks have caused the city of Deerfield Beach to post the following on Facebook.

This is a picture of the recycling drop-off container located on Powerline between 10th & Hillsboro Blvd. This container is mostly empty inside. Some individuals are dumping their materials on the ground outside of the container. Additionally, city crews are finding dirty pizza boxes, food, and other trash in these piles. Friends, recycling was eliminated because excessive contamination rates were driving up the costs of recycling, making it impossible for this city (you the taxpayer) to afford to pay these contamination rates long term. At the requests of some residents the city placed a recycling bin in a few areas, for those who wanted to continue to recycle. Please do not toss garbage outside of the containers. We are all responsible for keeping our community clean. Finally, if you are not sure what you should be recycling, below is the link to that information. Also remember just because you think something can be recycled does not mean it is accepted as a recyclable material by this city or any other city for that matter. If it is not on the list it should not be tossed in this bin. http://ow.ly/a0sP50CyxEm