Deerfield Beach, Fl-All over Facebook, and other social media there are posts about protests set for tonight. Local law enforcement and governmental agencies are aware of the postings, and hopefully are preparing. Sources have said some major retailers like CVS are preparing to close their store near  Town Center Mall as this is a potential protest site. Town Center mall has been closed as of 2 pm today. In Deerfield Beach sites from MLK Boulevard to Home Depot have been mentioned for the protest. This is a Breaking News story stay tuned for updates


  1. Ok I’m all for defending against racism, but this is blowing it way out of proportion!!! Smashing windows, taking off with stolen goods, setting cars and buildings on fire!!!! This is causing a bigger mess that will not be easy to contain!!! I think that cop who killed Floyd is getting exactly what he deserves. He should go to jail. But starting these protests which turn into riots to make your message clear, yeah we got it. But this is blowing it way out of proportion. How are we going to stop this?


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