Beach, Fl-

The parks and beaches will remain closed until South Florida qualifies for Phase I of the guidelines for “Opening Up America Again” that the President has unveiled nationwide. Since South Florida is still a hot spot for COVID-19 more testing must be completed.

Folks, this is bigger than the City, it is bigger than the County, it is even bigger than the State. We still must adhere to all existing orders and social distancing guidelines. The entire nation is trying to re-open, and they have set guidelines for all to follow. Please understand that South Florida has not met the guidelines to begin the initiation of Phase I. We still need to sit tight and do our part to ensure that we can start getting back to normal. We are so close to being there and we need everyone to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.
#StayStrongDFB #COVID19 #DoYourPart #BethesolutionNottheproblem #Allinthistogether #SoClose


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