Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach,Fl-Alfie Oakes a southwest Florida store owner Facebook posts are lighting up the west coast with Coronavirus controversy. Mr.Oakes an outspoken store owner has maintained his position that Cornavirus quarantines are being overdone and are over blown.Oakes the owner of Seed To Table a southwest Florida grocery store is outspoken, controversial and getting attention. Here are some of his recent Facebook posts and the comments they are attracting from readers.


It’s a Beautiful Day in Southwest Florida

While you’re spending time at home today, please refrain from tuning into and subsequently absorbing the fear mongering media. Rather, consider this: if our government had not created and propagated this hoax, we would all be going about our lives as usual in the context of a strong economy. Trillions would not have vaporized from the stock market, and so many people would still have the full value in their retirement accounts found at the beginning of January 2020. Our nation’s citizens would have continued to enjoy the strongest economy in history.

Yesterday, I considered the microcosm of our local government in Collier County. With no evidence or data to support their actions other than fear — not a single fatality — the government stood ready to shut down all non-essential businesses. Municipalities and states around the country have shut down businesses across every sector of the economy, forced people to “shelter at home,” closed schools, and banned activities such as running and cycling because of 1500 deaths as a result of the spread of COVID-19. These actions — bans, closures, mandates — represent a massive government overreach without significant evidence to support doing so.

Yes, there is a global health crisis, but as I’ve previously stated, a typical flu season will claim 61,000 lives in the United States. Not a single business closes, and neither the medical community nor the news reports on flu deaths in the dramatic manner we currently experience. The World Health Organization, together with the CDC, predicted that at this point, between 500,000 to 2.2 million U.S. citizens would be dead. Yet, several weeks into our country’s experience with the spread of COVID-19, the actual loss of life is less than 1500 of our citizens, which represents less than 2.5% the normal number of deaths during a typical flu season.

In spite of these facts –the media continues this disgraceful fear mongering. At what point will the American people realize what is really going on? How have we allowed the media to irreversibly damage our national economy — utilizing fear alone?

Millions of Americans know and understand the reality of what is happening, but they are afraid to speak out in fear of being perceived as insensitive. Any attempt at addressing facts and reason incites comments such as, “You don’t care about human lives.” It is not about caring for human life — rather, it is about addressing where to draw the line between rational decision making and emotional decision making.

If we shut our entire country down for COVID-19 when the data fails to support such actions, why not close our entire country down every flu season if 61,000 people could die? Why not prohibit driving automobiles? 43,400 people in the U.S. and 1.27 million people world-wide die each year in car accidents. Why do we allow people to continue smoking cigarettes? 480,000 people in the U.S. and 7 million people world-wide die each year from tobacco-related disease. So, why did we cripple our national economy for 1500 deaths, but refuse to stop selling cigarettes in the United States for 480,000 deaths?

Moreover, why does the federal government allow us to patronize fast food restaurants? Heart disease kills 647,000 Americans and 17.9 million people world-wide every year. In light of this reality, the government should immediately enact laws requiring restaurants, grocery stores, and all other food establishments to serve and sell only fresh, raw vegetables. It seems as if — in light of the last two weeks — the government’s NEW job is only to protect American citizens from death. If we follow these lines of reasoning fully, we’re forced to draw the conclusion that it’s not our responsibility to care for our own health and well-being — it’s the government’s.

And, by putting all of these realities into proper perspective, it is easy to see we have been duped. During the last two weeks, our media’s only objective has been to terrify our nation’s people with a play by play of each fatality using COVID-19s very minimal death rate. I pray people begin to think critically about the situation and realize the federal government has shut our nation down in order to subject and control its own people.

Today is a beautiful day! And, it is a great time for all Americans to grow some spine and refuse to let the media bully and manipulate us. Are you ready to help take our country back? We built America on the foundation of strength and character — not fear and emotion. Please stand with me — continue to contact your government leaders, share this post, spread the word, and let’s get back to work!

God bless,

Alfie Oakes

If you stand with me and our country please forward this to everyone you know. We need to get the message out!

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

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    Alfie Oakes I know many people that have it that have zero symptoms. Nice try
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      Alfie Oakes Ann Logan167 people died from the Common flu today.. why do you only care about people that die from Covid 19?
      Wake up and realize you’re being manipulated by the media
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  • Nicole Sireci I’m sorry but with all due respect when did it become such an issue for a business owner to speak his own opinion on his own Facebook page? If you don’t like it then just unfollow. The one thing I do know is our customers are very Grateful they have a See More

    Jan MariaJan Maria replied

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  • Donna Wilson Hanna About to share and 13 emails have gone out. I stand along side you-holding tight the freedoms and liberties that have cost many lives. It’s a privileged we have-Please people-nothing is free ….

    Terri Codella CaspersenTerri Codella Caspersen replied

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  • Joseph Tesi Assuming this is correct. This fact stated by Fauci may make the outcome quite different:
    During a March 11 hearing of the House Oversight and Reform Committee on coronavirus preparedness, Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of AllerSee More
  • Angie Evolve Please read this! Be safe and BE SMART! This nightmare needs to stop! This crash of our economy is far scarier than a virus that the majority recovers from!

    Jan MariaJan Maria replied

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  • Rick N Lori Stokvis Thank U Alfie Oakes for standing up against the fear mongering media. Using common sense to keep yourself safe is the answer, not economic disaster. Our family will always shop at your beautiful store & support you!

    Donna Wilson HannaDonna Wilson Hanna replied

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  • Sean Barakett I see where you’re coming from, and it makes sense in theory, but dude. Look at the numbers and listen to people that work in healthcare. Hospitals are already overwhelmed! If we don’t stop this thing from spreading it could actually get bad. If we had the numbers NY did, it will be bad, considering the average age of our population. And maybe I’m completely wrong. But do you want to take that risk? Is that worth it?
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    • Jessica Higdon Sean Barakett I appreciate your comment completely and I do believe there is definitely a point on both sides, but remember… the hospitals are so crowded because of the FEAR behind this virus NoT the virus itself, there are very few who actually need to be hospitalized, it’s because anyone with a cough rushes to the ER right now
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  • Kristina Craft-Overstreet Well said!! Have already hiked 12 miles on this glorious day and will not watch the news and fear mongering media!! Will also find something to do this evening! Agreed ?????. Save our economy!!!

    Pamela DuffPamela Duff replied

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  • Gabriel Acosta Didn’t you vote for this government? ??‍♂️now you bash because your not getting what you want. Didn’t you come from humble beginnings? Stop spreading disinformation and look at the facts. There’s definitely fatalities give it time, I pray to god no one in your inner circle succumbs to this virus. Be thankful for life

    Gabriel AcostaGabriel Acosta replied

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  • Shell Connors Thank you Alfie Oakes, been saying this since the stats started coming in! Just came back 3 months ago from Northern Italy….it’s no wonder from what we saw why Covid ran rampant through the Northern part of that country. The average age of death fromSee More
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  • W.l. Sandy Watts So of all of the other recent outbreaks Ebola, Zika etc. the media did not incite panic or provoke pandemonium. But then again Trump was not Potus and the stakes were not as high. I still believe once the dust settles there are going to be some serious consequences for the Media for misleading and lying to the public.

    Kosmas BallisKosmas Ballis replied

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  • Susannah McDonough Very logical and well said. The public now has learned how to be more aware of hygiene as to not spreading disease. The people have to at some point take responsibility of their contributions to safe hygiene.
    If the vulnerable stay safe and still praSee More
  • Carol Sawchuk Plamondon The media has been fear mongering the people who watch the Fake News since Trump came into office!!! They call him reckless and dangerous ect… The Leftist and the so called journalist/media are the reckless ones!!!!

    Kosmas BallisKosmas Ballis replied

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  • Joe Gonzales Now that they see how easily we bend, how many more viruses will be unleashed?

    In the mean time, they swipe control of our assets and businesses.

    Kosmas BallisKosmas Ballis replied

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  • Nancy Gould I’m 78 and I think anyone over the age of 65 or have a compromised health problem should stay home. Let the rest of the people go to work if they want to. Let the business’ open. Every one has to take care of themselves. Children should still stay out of school for the rest of the year. We need to get our country going again. Fast!
    Necessary businesses should be open.
  • Nino Magaddino I’m with you . They push fast food , processed foods and perpetuate a lifestyle that feeds into heart disease , stroke to say the least
    And they shut down our gyms and the ones who strive to help others improve their quality of life .

    Sean BarakettSean Barakett replied

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  • Marlane Amelio-Skinner Your point of view is well taken. However, in my opinion, The media will continue
    to force Trumps hand – after all, when there is mounting opposition, what choice do you have but to succumb to what has, perhaps falsely, been created by those with far sinister agendas.
  • Tara Linn I understand your point of view, really I do, however I think at this point it may be irresponsible to call what is happening around the world a “hoax.” The severity would depend on one’s perspective.

    I have to work for a living, so unless there wasSee More

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  • Jürg Landert Thanks, Mr. Oakes.
    Where is the free America, enthusiasm, pride, entrepreneurship which the USA was once so proud and known for in the entire world?
    Are facts not enough to convince the citizens but fear does? It is sad to see that people stopped thinSee More
  • Alex Popoff I don’t think it’s appropriate to call it a hoax, but I otherwise agree with you.

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”See More

    What good are constitutional rights if they are violated when Americans get sick?
    What good are constitutional rights if they are violated when Americans get…

    What good are constitutional rights if they are violated when Americans get sick?

  • Diane Eckland Van Parys Hi Alfie, just shared it in an email to many not on facebook and from other parts of the state. Thank you for all you do. We will overcome this and be stronger and ready for anything like this again; without having to shut down the country state by sSee More
  • Chef Siren But this is the most important part i just left Publix and not one employee had gloves on that were dealing with the carts outside … He has specific Employees constantly wiping the carts down every time I pass I always see somebody doing that.. evSee More
  • Brenda Johnson Always with you!! ????????? Thank you for standing up and helping to save our community from further economic harm!
  • Chef Siren  Alfie Oakes..and thank you for allowing all his employees employment…I’m able to maintain my life and pay my bills.. unfortunately businesses are all falling victim to fearing the unknown,and all are forced to jeopardize their income … what a mess
  • Paul King Curious Alfie Oakes how you think this may impact political contributions. The president had a sizable advantage with small donors, and millions more $ in his campaign war chest … The other side are deep in debt and needed to be bailed out several times (most recently by bloomer) … Level the playing field? Or …
  • Mary Carol Worley Great job yesterday, I watched on tv. This is a wonderful article and I agree with you totally!!
  • Brendan Cunningham Thank you Alfie for your insight and standing up for us.
    You have become a Beacon of Light in frightening media madness and government over each !
  • Candace Rich All do respect but for such an intelligent man you sure are ignorant it really is a shame because you have such a heavy influence on the community ?
  • Georgina Armand Wow Alfie Oakes I want to believe that you have no idea what you are talking about. I have friends and family in Italy. 3 dead now. Family and friends ain Venezuela, 2 dead now. I live in Canada and the deaths here are real! Maybe the hoax is the goal, don’t you think? I did not know this part of your business ethics. Interesting for sure.
  • Garrett Sweetpea Santini We had a peachy keen this morning and a decafe and breakfast to go. Some quality health essentials too! And headed back home. ??. We can all function practically and with mindfulness.
  • Brenda Kerstetter Thank you. Watching President Trump and the “gotcha questions” from the media. Please parents dont let your children grow up to be liberal journalists
  • Lynn Bower Alfie, I watched the broadcast from City Hall yesterday and applauded you then. Have we not all lost loved ones from the yearly flu, N1H1, swine flu etc, etc at some time? I am stunned at two things. One, how easily the “people” agreed to shut down mosSee More
  • Armand Alikaj I admire you trying to maximize your business profits, yet you are wrong my friend!!
  • Nace Cohen Thank you Alfie! Wonderfully said, I’m with you…

    Jana Cohen KanterJana Cohen Kanter replied

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  • Jessica Higdon Alfie for president lol!
  • Laverne S. Gehman Thanks for articulating what so many of us feel…
  • Millie McIntosh Tormey Here in Alaska there is now a band on travel between towns.

    Kosmas BallisKosmas Ballis replied

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  • Tom Ravana On that note…
    We’re heading to Seed to Table!!
  • Louis Estrema If you really want to make people safe and healthy we need to bring back prohibition. But that would be the end any party or politician who would suggest that. Just sayin ?
  • Carole Chmelecki Perfectly expressed!!
  • Kathy Palumbo Vanderselt Here’s a quote for you alfie. Uptown Sinclair once said “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon him not understanding it.” I’m sure that you are comfortable and sleep well at night alfie – but I’m not sure I know how you do that.

    Shell ConnorsShell Connors replied

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  • Garric Hiers Ask someone who has it how it compares to the flu.

    Nicole SireciNicole Sireci replied

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  • Ann Logan JUST A THOUGHT: The virus doesn’t move by itself, people move it. We stop moving, the virus stops moving and comes to an end sooner than later which means more lives are not at risk. It’s that simple – but just my thoughts.

    I have 5 friends with this See More

    Ann LoganAnn Logan replied

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  • Olivia Mancuso The problem with America isn’t anything you stated. The problem with America is that a guy who owns a grocery store thinks he’s smarter than medical professionals, scientists, and health care workers. ??‍♀️

    Jacqueline R Umlauf-MarsJacqueline R Umlauf-Mars replied

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  • Terri Codella Caspersen Spreading the word . Thanks Alfie ??❤️
  • Carole Chmelecki Nobody wants to believe that this virus was man made and released by man to cause certain effects in the world. For their own nasty purposes. Why did Pelosi and her minions make so many trips to China in the days preceding the release of the virus?
    Lockdowns are being proposed in the swing States . To keep people from voting???? For Trump???? Connect the dots, will you?

    Kosmas BallisKosmas Ballis replied

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  • Cathy J Siler RN since 1973 and you are ill informed and dangerous! But thanks for putting it in writing. It will be great evidence at your trial!
  • Terri Hawkins You are dangerous to our community. Believing in conspiracy theories is not only ridiculous but in this situation very very dangerous!
  • Mike Candreva 63 million Americans had H1N1 in 2009-10, not one business closed. Makes you wonder what is really going on. Oh wait, Obama was president, hmmm

    Alex LomonacoAlex Lomonaco replied

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  • Jay James Very well stated Alfie Oakes!

I have never seen I-75 like this…So sad that the majority of our citizens are at home getting programmed by the media.The even more sad thing is that while it’s obvious that people ARE taking personal responsibility to self quarantine ,our all knowing local government are still attempting to take away more of our liberties. This morning when I found out that no one had died as of yet in Collier county …still not a single fatality.
I had to wonder if some of our political leaders (and you know who you are) that are grasping so desperately for more control are happy about that?