, Fl-Let’s find Mocha for Deerfield beach resident Shannon Cade. Shannon is a cancer patient and would love to find Mocha who went missing. Here is what we know.


I live on 2nd ave south of 10th street, 1300 block.

This is our cat Mocha. She brings new meaning to the word cattitude.

Mocha ran out our back door at 3 am Sunday Morning. She was wearing a red plaid collar with 3 bells sewn into it along with a fake gold shamrock pin attached.

I do not have much to offer I am disabled.

I can say if she was cat napped, she’ll be dumped because she is really mean… for some odd reason we find this tough quality endearing and love her even more.

We are afraid her mean streak will land her in harmful hands.

Please if your in our area keep your eyes open.

We would love to have our girl back.

My daughter is offering a small cash reward.

Thank you for your consideration and help.


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