Beach, received information last week from 2 sources that Mr. Curt Levine of Durham W had allegedly stolen over $90,000 from Durham W Condominium Association in Century Village. Mr. Levine is a colorful figure with long hair known to he rode his multi-colored bicycle all over town and was known to carry a 6-foot flute while doing it. He frequented many local businesses and could always be seen riding his bike inside and outside of Century Village. Levine was the president of Durham W Condo Association which would have given him access to their bank account. Normally most associations require at least two signatures on bank accounts in order to avoid fraud.  is still awaiting the actual report from BSO but his week’s blotter indicates the following-

Theft – All Other
102002002411 Information (C), at 632 Durham W, Deerfield Beach, FL, between 16:52, 02/13/2020
and 16:52, 02/13/2020. Reported: 02/13/2020. No victims listed.
1010 zone
632 Durham W
RP: Susan Sanborn
Contact was made with Sanborn who advised the president stole 91,633.61 from
the association account. Let it be known Levine did have the authorization to
access the account.


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