Beach, Fl-From Lighthouse Point Police-

Every year South Florida experiences an influx of part-time resident senior citizens escaping the cold of the northern United States during the winter months. Unfortunately, the confluence of seniors in our neighborhoods brings with it unsavory characters intent on exploiting them. The unsavory characters
I am referring too are known as Travelers.

Travelers, for our purposes, are generally family units or groups that specialize in certain types of scams or schemes. From the patriarch/matriarch down to the youngest child,Travelers are all committed to the scheme or scam that they are currently employing. Their culture prides itself in the belief that scheming, stealing, and defrauding are legitimate money making practices.

As of Monday, 01/13/2020, we know of at least one group that was observed in our City preparing to conduct paving/driveway repairs. Additionally, we received information from several residents that they were approached at their residences for driveway repair/resurfacing. In the past years, Travelers have committed distraction burglaries, driveway resurfacing fraud, roofing repair scams, and auto collision
repair scams.

Please be on the look out for any suspicious persons or activities and report them to the Lighthouse Point Police Department at 954-942-8080 as quickly as possible

we received some photos from a residents Ring doorbell and they are attached.


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