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Mayors “Understanding” BSO Accompanied Burgess Hanson To City Hall Not True Flat Out Bald Face Lie


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach,Fl-Deerfield-News.com is awaiting video from the city of Deerfield Beach of Sunday night April 7 when Burgess Hanson was in city hall.Deerfield-News.com has received confirmation from Deerfield Beach no video exists.

Now those who know Ganz understand he flat out lied about where he was and why he did not attend Mayor Robbs funeral.

Mayor Ganz clearly states his understanding was BSO was escorting him the entire time  The video of him saying this is below during the last commission meeting. Not True BSO has denied any record of this exists in our public record request to them. There seems to be no evidence of BSO accompanying Burgess Hanson post-resignation letter on his return to retrieve who knows what from city hall.

Ganz flat out lies to the public from the dais . Meantime Deerfield Beach remains in financial and administrative chaos.

Ganz has correctly received the moniker “BULLSHIT BILL”, this because he continues to lie on videotape during city commission meetings, how smart is that?

Deerfield Beach which seems to know no bounds when it comes to spending needs to search nationwide for the right ‘City Manager”.

Re: Public Records Request of April 13, 2019. Reference #: R022444-041319
Dear Howard Levy:
The Broward Sheriff’s Office received a request from you on April 13, 2019, seeking the following:
Deerfield Beach Mayor Ganz stated on the night of April 7 when terminated city manager Burgess Hanson went into and left his office at Deerfield Beach City Hall that night he was accompanied by a BSO deputy or deputies. Please furnish the names of the deputies and any other public records of this incident
Based upon the information you have provided, the Broward Sheriff’s Office has been unable to identify any records responsive to your request.
Thank you.
Broward Sheriff’s Office
Public Information Unit