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Amid Chaos In Deerfield Beach City Hall Reader Sends Us XXX Rated – Letter To Amanda Shafer At City Hall Citing Corruption And Sex Scandals



Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach,Fl-We can not authenticate who is the author of this letter and certain allegations made.


That said with all of the SHANNANIGANS going on at city hall we believe this is worth reading and posting.

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Hey Moe, time to go!
MAURICE GOUGH <[email protected]> (Add as Preferred Sender) </[email protected]>
Date: Wed, May 08, 2019 12:39 pm
Dear Amanda Shafer,
I’ve known you from when you were an overweight temp with an attitude and a fake smile, when you couldn’t afford shoes and borrowed from your roommate, let me ask you the following:
Why do you still have a job?
You are integral part of this big mess of corruption and sex scandal. Responsible for the employees low morale and distrust of their leadership. You earned your promotions by sleeping with Burgess, got drunk and confessed to a former employee whom you eventually got fired. Your eternal affair was the reason for your secretive yard wedding.
You have fired more people in a 5 person department than the Parks department within 5 years. Simply said, you cannot work with people that notice your inexperience and call you out, people that will not take your mistreatment. A respectable professional will not let you curse them out and treat them like pets.
Because of you, the city’s glassdoor profile has the worst reviews in South Florida, one of those is clearly identifiable as a former Risk Manager. How do you sleep at night knowing you have left so many families without an income just because you are unlikable, and 99% of people will not kiss your ass and ignore you stupidity.
Your inexperience makes us continuously exceed the legal budget, you cannot operate without having to call legal for help, and you seem to be getting kick backs from them. Nobody ever looks at it, but you lady, you have been spending tons of money in legal services ever since you were appointed by Burgess into HR, and Rene Pelaez would talk about that, so you fired him.
Why do you even work in Human Resources?
You openly say you hate people, lock the doors to the HR offices, and live in constant fear of someone coming to the second floor and doing something to you, granted you know you’ve ruined tons of lives by now. There’s just so much bad blood around here because of you. More than one employee tells a story of your educating others on how not to have kids as they could be born retarded, or disabled, your words. Not having kids was not your choice, it was Burgess’ and he imposed it on you as a mistress. You spill the beans when you are drunk, you should not drink, you should not socialize.
Why do you still have a fucking job?
Are you seriously considering staying? Burgess is gone, and so should his whole clique get the fuck out of here. Bunch of overpaid so-called “executives” that do not stand a chance of getting similar jobs anywhere else. COLA payments? Let’s look at who signs the bottom of the Personnel Action Forms in Deerfield Beach. You and Burgess. Longevity payments? you approved all of them. Let’s not play naive, you gave him the extra money, he made you a Chief Human Resources Officer, not only a Director.
Do you really love money that much?
You became the Human Resources Director because you sucked his dick, and there’s pictures, audio, video and emails that prove it. The first thing you did, was re-create the performance review to your benefit, not to the standard of any other South Florida City, but to your liking. I invite the public to request the last 4 years of reviews for the following people:
– Kara Petty
– David Santucci
– Nicole Giordano, please explain the legality of backdating an October raise back to January 1st of a previous fiscal year.
– Eric Power
– Chad Grecsek
– Rebecca Medina
– Check all white management performance reviews.
Those people, also called the 3 percenters. Why? Because according to the performance review process you wrote with your highschooler writing skills, any scores that get people over 1.5% review, have to be approved by you and Burgess. Parks people who make less than $30K stand no chance at getting a decent merit increase. Guess what? Those brownnosers mentioned above, they all constantly received the maximum merit raise of 3% even when their departments were poor performers. When an employee that you and Burgess did not have a clue existed, was scored higher than 1.5%, you would request the middle manager to lower the score. I invite the public to request copies of those files, and appreciate how many times it took for non-white, non-kiss ass employee to get their review approved
I invite the press, the public and OIG to investigate and see how many raises and promotions has Nicole Giordano gotten, how much money has been spent in her training, being that she did not know how to do any other than answering phones and taking messages. Didn’t she have to go to training and take her mom, another city employee with her to provide childcare? Talk about abusing tax dollars. How many promotions can an employee get within 2 years? Only in Deerfield Beach, she isn’t black is she.
There are directors that think they have unlimited travel “training” budget and will sign-up to just about anything that comes up so they are not in the office but traveling on the city’s dime. It is such a public record nobody ever requests.
Deerfield Beach is racist, you and Santucci are racist, regardless of what the court said, they haven’t sued the city as many times in decades, but ever since Burgess and his friends are in such influential positions. You keep making fun of Dayana’s accent when she is not there, you’ve done it in front of so many people but asked not to tell her. You’ve repeatedly made fun of how miserable of a personal life Karen has, that she spends the day walking around the building arguing on the phone. Kayla has some stories to tell, and she will.
Under this administration, everyone that does favors to management, gets free plumbing services, and goods delivered “paid for” by the new Facilities Manager, Chris Braden, same Facilities Manager Santucci picked himself, same Facilities Manager that Santucci himself recommended for a substantial raise upon probationary period completion, when he said he was leaving as he didn’t like his 5%. People of Deerfield Beach, ask for a public record of that. Santucci is part of the issue, he will not make the difference.
You fired all the black administrative workers in City Hall within months, and you led that effort for Planning and the City Manager’s office. I know of more than 5 young ladies that will happily testify to that You didn’t even have respect for pregnant women, in fact, you tried to get them fired because they decided to have kids, and you have said that openly. Who did you replace them with? they aren’t black are they?
When Betty Crump decided to take the city to court for sexual harrassment, you had IT delete the surveillance video that proved Charlie Dabrusco had done what he did. So she had to settle.
You have stayed, and we see you destroying evidence every single day, and are about to fire (or let resign) someone who knows your shit, am I wrong about that?
The list goes on, get out of Deerfield Beach, the next email will contain evidence, and is already scheduled to be sent.
Good luck,