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City of Deerfield Beach Wasting Taxpayers Money Denying Deerfield-News.com Access To Public Affairs Director Rebecca Medina Stewart



Deerfield-New.com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-The time has come for Mayor Ganz and Burgess Hanson to instruct Ms. Medina -Stewart to deal with Deerfieeld-News.com

The fact we have a senior staff member whose job it is to deal with the media and provide public information not doing so is causing you the taxpayer money. This action or inaction also is denying us from the information we are entitled to receive without having to play a game. The city of Deerfield Beach has made a game of it. That requires Deerfield-News.com to put everything in the form of a perfectly worded question that subjects the city clerk’s office to check on things that are public records that their office may not have been designed to do.

When the city of Deerfield Beach needs to get the Assistant City Manager involved in the “SEMANTICS GAME” you are probably wasting the taxpayer’s money for no reason, other than spite.

When we requested what the cost of repairing the clock tower was, the correct answer would have been we rent out the tower, it is monetized and the cost is not ours but our lessees.

Toughen up guys and gals down there at City Hall you are getting paid very well with excellent benefits, do your job.

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The clock tower repairs are not the responsibility of the City. They are the responsibility of the Leasee, Crown Castle.


Dave Santucci

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Are you saying that the city is or will not pay anything for the clock repair, the use of the crane etc? Or that at this moment in time you do not have this information, certain information exists.

Not producing Public Records can be a crime.

Govern Yourself Accordingly.

Howie Levy


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No records exist.