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Still Our Take-Mayor And Commission Candidate Hudak Silent On Their Henchmans Anti Semitic Dog Whistle Hope Deerfield Beach’s Jewish Community And Others Are Paying Attention


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach, FL-Mayor Bill Ganz and Candidate Hudak both have some explaining to do with their deafening silence of Lawrence Castaldi-AKA- Buddy Sparrow AKA- Buddy Castaldi.

Questioning the Mayor on his word and failure to deliver on promises and failure to repair our water treatment plant and lie about our water quality is one thing. That is our job and hobby and someone must do it as the others in the media are not calling out this administration that does business like they are gangsters.

Hopefully, all voters not just Deerfield Beach’s Jewish community will take note of this type of ugliness that has gone on without one word of condemnation by Mayor.

For the Mayor to have his West Boca Henchman Castaldi call into question Mr.Herz’s Jewishness is disgusting. Ganz has already gone too far with his illegal “gaffe” of having Hudak play Santa Claus violating election laws, now this? This was totally uncalled for shame on Castaldi! Shame on Ganz and Hudack for not repudiating!

Folks our support of candidate  Dan Herz in not because he is Jewish or how Jewish he might be. Our support is he is the best man for the job. A local businessman with a motel on A1A he is very much part of Deerfield Beach. Anyone that attends city commission meetings or watches the videos knows who he is, and how they try to silence him. The days of this commission being a rubber stamp for Mayor Ganz needs to end they must have a check.

Now it is time to follow the money where the Anti-Semite is selling DBI stickers and promotions, who else is benefitting.

The silence from Ganz and Hudack is deafening