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Hudak Wimps Out Of Deerfield Beach Debate Offer


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Commission candidate for District One Michael Hudak wimped out of the proposed Deerfield Beach debates, today.

From Facebook-

Glenn Sullivan Michael Hudack replied via FB messenger with the following; Hello Mr. Sullivan:
I respectfully decline your offer for a debate, as I am of the opinion that a debate should be requested by an independent entity, whose focus is the interests of District 1 and not from a resident who is a financial supporter of my opponent.
Thank you very much for your offer.

Glenn Sullivan -He must have missed the part about the independent moderator. Someone who is confident in their knowledge about the city and the needs would agree with a debate immediately regardless of who organized it. So because I contributed $100 to Dan’s campaign, he thinks that is bad in some way, but he takes $ hundreds from special interests from outside our city and does not see that as a concern. If he believes a person could be bought for $100, what about the $1,000 contributors he has? Mr. Hudak clearly has no interest in showing his lack of knowledge at a debate and would resist any person or organization looking to sponsor one. I’m sure if Mr Hudak requested a debate under the same circumstances, Dan Herz would take the offer. So Mr Hudak, you arrange the debate if you are so concerned with who organizes it….

The other candidate Dan Herz has proposed the following as a result of Hudak wimping out.

The idea of having a debate with unrehearsed random questions asked by the residents of District 1 is a true test of both candidates knowledge of the issues and what their positions are. I look forward to the challenge and I will be at the Royal Fiesta Event Center on Tuesday night February 12, 2019 at 7:00 pm whether my opponent is there or not. I am not afraid to take 90 minutes worth of questions from my future constituents. I have been at almost every commission meeting for the last 5 years and have spoken at every single meeting I have attended. It has taken me countless hours to review the major decisions being made by our Mayor and Commissioners often with vital information being purposely withheld. My number 1 reason for running is I am often at odds with the decisions our leaders are making which are not in the best interests of the Citizens and realized years ago the only true way to effectuate change was to be up on the dais. I look forward to meeting all of you on February 12th.