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Our Take- 2019 Time To Name A Street After Former Mayor Robb


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Driving Deerfield Beach we have been looking at the names of streets that are or were citizens or families of Deerfield Beach.

These are some of the streets named after former or current residents or families of Deerfield Beach.

We have in no specific order the following streets named after residents consisting of city pioneers, titans of local industry as well as a politician and a veteran if we missed anyone, let us know.

We once again have to say the time has come for our Mayor and commission to do the right thing and name a street after former Mayor Jean Robb who was the longest-serving “Mayor” in our cities history.

To do the right thing it will cost the city a few street signs, certainly with the way this city spends taxpayer money, we can afford  a few street signs designating “Jean Robb Ave “Or “Jean Robb Way” now is the time.

1-William B. Campbell Sr. Ave

2-Lane Tullis Way

3-Ed Dietrich Sr. Ave

4-Butler Ave

5-Eller Street

6-Odas Tanner Way

7-Jones Family Ave

8-William Gaskin Way

9-James Moran Blvd.

10-Amadeo Trinchitella Blvd