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Century Village Facebook Page Comes To Life


CVE Sales Sign on Hillsboro Boulevard and Administration and Sales Building Circa 1976


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Seems persistence of some has gotten Century Village to begin utilizing its Facebook page for the good of the community. We have noticed just recently the activity and we are happy with it!

From Century Village Facebook yesterday-

Dear Residents,

We recently made some changes to our Village Security Plan that I would like to update you on.

Clubhouse: We have lessened the number of guards at the Clubhouse and increased both our medical response and use of technology. An additional 26 high-definition cameras have been added to the property for a total of 32 visual checkpoints that are monitored all day by a trained guard. These cameras not only serve a real-time purpose but also record and save footage for over 30 days. We have paired this technology with a First Responder dedicated to the Clubhouse. These trained medical professionals will be responding to all incidents on Clubhouse property and serving as a liaison to the paramedics as they arrive on site.

Outside of the Recreation Property: We are continuing patrols outside the Recreation Property with our rovers, as well as working on physical structures that will improve security for the exterior of the village. New gatehouses are in the process of being built, with the East Gate (Military Trail) breaking ground at the end of May. We anticipate that the West Gate (Powerline Road) will be permitted and built this summer as well, with the Main Gate (Hillsboro) being erected next year. All of these gatehouses will be equipped with high definition cameras for access control and will continue to be manned.

Lighting Project: In June we will embark on our Lighting Project, which will replace the current fixtures with new LED fixtures. These fixtures will both save energy and provide much more visibility.

We are also very close to securing a contract with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office to provide regular patrols in the village. As we improve the road striping and signage, we inch our way closer to compliance with their traffic standards. We will potentially have those patrols starting this summer.
Finally, we are in the design phase of a new perimeter wall that will span the length of the property in every direction. This wall will be an aesthetic upgrade, but most importantly will serve as an improved barrier between us and the city. We are working diligently on the permitting and variances required for this wall and hope to break ground early in 2019.

As many of you know, change is difficult. However, given these reallocated resources and focus on upgrades, to both the interior and exterior of the community, we believe our best security plan is being implemented.


Dan Johnson
Executive Director
Master Management
3501 West Drive | Deerfield Beach, FL 33442