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Parking Enforcement At Fort Lauderdale Airport Causing Dangerous Conditions On I-595 Where Drivers Are Now Parking and Waiting


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach, Fl- Since the implementation of stricter “No Standing/No Parking “enforcement inside Fort Lauderdale’s airport drivers are parking on I-595. Yes parking not just in the shoulders, but on I-595 which is causing a dangerous situation for other drivers. My second trip to the airport in just a couple of days and tonight the number of cars parked on I-595 eastbound was over a dozen just prior to the airport’s entrance. Maneuvering around these cars and not getting into an accident is not easy. Twice as dangerous at nighttime for the obvious reason of darkness but this is going on day and night and must be stopped. I am not sure how drivers think that they’re saving a few minutes of circling around the airport is not presenting a danger both to themselves and to others.

FHP and BSO need to take a look at that new policy and at least enforce the “No Standing/No parking” on I-595  just before the airport’s entrance, which certainly presents a much more dangerous situation than if those cars were inside the airport and circling around. These drivers need to be parked at the cell phone waiting area which is the right thing to do. FHP and BSO must get on top of this situation I am certain there have been accidents as a result of this new phenomenon, caused by the stricter enforcement of “No Standing/ No Parking” inside of the airport. We covered this story originally when the new parking enforcement was implemented and still the cars parking on I-595 and the shoulders have gotten worse, not better. US-1 Southbound also has this problem, just outside of the airport.