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Batmasian Connection Alive and Well In Deerfield Beach Too!


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach,Fl-“The Batmasian Effect” happens in Deerfield Beach as well as in Boca.Boca Raton’s largest commercial property owner has roots in Deerfield Beach as well. Deerfield Beach’s politicians are not immune from being friendly and have taken their money also.Deerfield-News.com has covered the issue of the proliferation of illegal massage parlors “RubNTugs”.The Batmasians are no strangers to these businesses,many of their shopping centers have them.Recently we saw a post on Deerfield Beach Politics on Facebook with a Deerfield Beach shopping center trying to recruit tenants this is a Deerfield Beach owned Batmasian shopping center! Deerfield Beach residents rest assured this “Boca Billionaire” family has it’s tentacles deep in our cities politics and politicians as well and the Batmasians interests may not always be best for Deerfield Beach..

Today’s headline in The Palm beach Post indicates that a  a result of a recent conflict of interest in voting on Batmasian projects ,Boca Mayor Haynie and her husband who were both employed by the Batmasnians are cutting the business ties.Does not say about the political ones. Deerfield Beach Mayor Ganz also listed the Batmasians as one of his largest Mayoral campaign contributors.

Here is an example from the Palm Beach Post of a recent story of an  ex-employees recently filed sexual harassment lawsuit,explaining how Batmasin seeks massage parlors as desirable tenants.

“James Batmasian, one of the most prominent commercial real estate owners in Palm Beach County, is embroiled in lawsuits with two former employees who accuse him of creating a sex-filled hostile work environment, where bank and tax fraud were routinely committed as part of a “financial crimes enterprise.”

The lawsuits cast new light on Batmasian, the largest private owner of commercial real estate in downtown Boca Raton. But to leasing agent Karla Sotomayor, Batmasian was something else: A man with a “voracious sexual appetite for Latin women,” an employer who frequently indicated he was romantically interested in her and a landlord who directed her to rent space to massage parlor tenants and demand sexual favors from the tenants for him and his friends — in exchange for free or reduced rent, according to a 56-page complaint filed in June in Palm Beach County Circuit Court.”(Palm Beach Post)

Amongst properties the Batmasians own in Deerfield Beach are Tivoli Gardens a huge rental community ,where the Boca Mayor and her husband was being paid from and the above shopping center on US 1 .