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Deerfield-News.com Reader Rips Deerfield Beach Mayor Ganz


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach,Fl-Deerfield-News.com received the following from a reader.Deerfield-News.com can not verify anything other than we received this via Facebook.Any allegations, accusations, insinuations are that of the writer and not Deerfield-News.com. We welcome any response and will print it unedited from Mayor Ganz.Deerfield-News.com is not accepting any renumeration from the writer for the publishing of this story.

So I have a sad story about Bill Gantz the bully. I heard some factual information from a confidential informant that Bill Gantz is late on his bills. I heard this information back in 2015. Fast forward a few years, I post the following message “Bill Gantz, just pay your late bills man”. For the next month, Bill Gantz spent countless and countless hours going through his bank statements to find bills he was late on. Hint: There were many. However, he came across his lawn person who also happens to be my lawn guy. He came to the conclusion that his lawn guy MUST be feeding this information to him. Why? Because Bill Gantz was LATE on paying his bills, and specifically to this person. So now Bill Gantz the Bully is threatening to sue me and my confidential informant. Why? Becuase he is late in paying his bills and he is trying to save face. So now he is inventing this story that I somehow hacked some information of his, totally twisting the story like a Bully would. I’ve already retained a lawyer. But in passing, I would like everyone to repost this story on your local blogs. I’ll even compensate you $50 for reposting this story on your Deerfield news websites. Just send me the link, and I”ll send you the cash. I will not be bullied by Bill Gantz. I have unlimited amounts of Cash to fight this Bully. Bill, sometimes you just let things go, especially when you are wrong.