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Ganz Gets A Grand From Batmasian and Who Really Runs Our City – Why Deerfield Beach Can Not Survive When It Can Not Meet BSO Fire Pension Obligations


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach,Fl-To those that said I was too tough on the slow cleanup of debris around the city .I am sure you might have more to say when Deerfield-News.com brings out the facts that Deerfield Beach is heading toward financial ruin.The city of Deerfield Beach can not continue to pay for our future obligations of  pensions at the current rate we now do.Who really runs our city “The Fire Department” is certainly as influential a group as any.Yes I understand we contract out to BSO Fire Rescue,just like we do for BSO for police protection.That said if you look at the numbers and how many upcoming retirements of firemen we will have.Deerfield Beach is heading toward bankruptcy.Twenty Five Million cash in the bank,a drop in the bucket versus our outstanding pension obligations.Here is how we pick and who can be picked for one of the most influential boards in the city.As we posted the other day we are approaching 40 Captains at retirement level.

This is the first in an ongoing series we will be doing about who really controls our city.Oddly eough Timothy “Chaz” Stevens “Ojon Provacateur”,blogger,festivus pole guy, colleague,buddy,advisor and henchmean for Mayor Ganz, his dad is on this influential  board.For those were reading yesterdays story James Batmasian who already served time for tax evasion,is now embroiled in a scandal with Boca Mayor Haynie who he was paying thru his Deerfield Tivoli project, contributed a $1000.00 to Deerfield Beach Mayor Ganzs campaign.


Board of Trustees Firemen’s Pension


The Board of Trustees shall have such powers, duties and responsibilities as are prescribed by law or as may, from time to time be prescribed by Chapter 175.061(F.S.) and/or amendments thereto as may by duly enacted.

Membership Requirement:

  • Two (2) residents selected by the Commission for two (2) year terms.
  • Two (2) firefighters elected by firefighters for two (2) year terms.
  • One (1) resident selected by the previous four (4) members and confirmed by resolution.

Financial Disclosure Statement: REQUIRED

Meetings: Time and Date – TBD, Location – Fire Station #102, 1441 FAU Research Park Blvd., Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Contact: Rusty Sievers, Fire Chief, (954) 571-3081 or [email protected].