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Mayor Needs Ex Vice Mayors Wife As “HenchWoman” To Defend Him On “NextDoor” Social Media Site? Go Ahead Try Stifling Free Press


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield-Beach,Fl-From Next Door-Please read Ms Verna Rosenzweigs below post we publish, you read, you can comment this is a newsblog.

Deerfield Beach Commission Meeting Mayor Unleashes Verbal Tirade Against Resident Not At Meeting!

https://deerfield-news.com/…/breaking-news-deerfield-beach-…/ Breaking News!- Mayor Ganz Slams Deerfield Beach resident over Facebook post of picture we posted also and is a real picture.Mayor continues to slam the same resident in an ongoing tirade at the close of the commisson meeting.. On Video at www.dfb.city or www.Deerfield-Beach.com starts at 3.09.30 of 10-03-2017 meeting.As Deerfield-News.com does not have a” Multimedia Production Specialist” we are having a technical issue.

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Verna Rosenzweig·58m ago

Mr. Levy, I thought you agreed with me that this is not the place to air political grievances. By the way, I watched that part of the video that you posted a link to, and Mayor Ganz pointed out that this was slander by Mr. Grassi. The mayor had been photographed at one of several places, where he had been that day distributing ice, water, and food, after the hurricane. Mayor Ganz had not requested any publicity. Mr. Grassi tried to make these acts of kindness into some kind of publicity stunt. You posted the link to that video. Maybe you should watch it. Please keep this kind of stuff off this board.

Howard Levy·31m ago

Ms..Rosenzweig I agreed to no such thing I misposted in Crime and Safety on post you were talking about.Mayor should be called out for what he did. I am only reporting news you wish to censor it. Not very “NextDoorNeighborly” if A -you do not live in Deerfield Beach B- you simply are a supporter of Mayor Ganz no matter what he does or says.
Mr. Levy, I do live in Deerfield Beach. I watched the part of the video that you linked to. I interpreted it differently. Maybe we need to have a third party watch that part of the video and interpret it for us. Were you at that Commission meeting? I was. I attend most of them because I care what happens in my city. Unfortunately, my husband and I left early that night, because he was not feeling well.

Howard Levy·Just now

Maybe you can have those same people review the antisemitic emails I recieved from the Mayors “HenchMan” ,Friend, Supporter Advisor ChazTimothy Stevens and ask why he has not renounced?.Now he has a “Hench Woman”? I wish you and your husband well. My family has been there since day one of CVE. I have attended meetings long before you moved to Deerfield Beach or your husband considered running for office.As you know meetings are televised and available on video,many of us prefer to view that way.

Karen Deramo·Edited 48m ago

Mr Levy – your above statements, following, are not permitted per Nextdoor Community Guidelines: “Not very “NextDoorNeighborly” if A -you do not live in Deerfield Beach B- you simply are a supporter of Mayor Ganz no matter what he does or says.” and. “Now he has a “Hench Woman”? I wish you and your husband well.” Additionally, Nextdoor Community Guidelines state “don’t use Nextdoor as a soapbox” and “dont over-post about your preferred candidate, candidacy, or issue.” It’s very clear you are not a fan of Mayor Ganz, the vitriol is getting old. Enough is enough. If you wish to provide useful information pertaining to government meetings, etc., please post those in the Events calendar.

Verna Rosenzweig·50m ago

I am not Mayor Ganz’s “henchwoman”. I am simply a constituent. As for Chaz Stevens, I have never met him, and do not approve of his views or his language! I am finished with this game. I will not say anything derogatory about you, although I am sorely tempted! This is my last post on this thread. Verna out.

Howard Levy·Just now

Take your best shot Verna.I do not know Mr Stevens either ,but nothing I wrote about him or Mayor Ganz and his statement are not true.Your defense of him and the fact your husband was our ex-vice mayor speaks for itself.If you care about our city you would not want our mayor to slander and defame a member of the public who was not there and has First Amendement Rights to post on social media .Mr Grassi Is also simply a constituent as well.Watch the video at 3.09.30 until the defaming stops, it speaks for itself the Mayor should not have done that.