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Deerfield Beach Mayor Ganz Shafts The Taxpayers and Runs With Another BS Answer!


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  Question four of five sent to Mayor Ganz by email .    What is going on with the hotel at the cove? Is it going to be bulit as agreed? 

Is it going to built? When will contruction begin if it is being built?

 This is a private project; this question should be addressed to the developer. I do not have any updates.” Mayor Ganz response to question 4 Deerfield-News.com sent.


A private project! Mayor that is more BS! Your promise of transparency is BS !  I am not sure you know when you are telling the truth.

Worrying less about your Facebook page and City Alerts and Crime Reports and dealing with issues that face our city and answering questions you said you would from constituents is what elected Mayor’s do.That excuse went away when you affected the taxpayers of Deerfield Beach when as part of the deal in order to avoid any potential litigation you agreed not to meter the Cove Shopping Center for ten years costing the City potentially millions of dollars per year in revenue as well as to continue to obligate the taxpayers to be responsible to pay 50% of the cost to maintain the parking lot while the City continues to not receive any real estate taxes on approx. 60% of the land that the parking lot sits on!

Also, before you try to distance yourself further, we have a copy of all the meetings that were had between  Micheal O’Leary who owns the property and each Commissioner and coincidentally you were the one Commissioner that he met with most!

My advice is for you to stop what you do best and try to avoid the issue and come clean as to the fact that you are clearly incompetent and failed to due the proper due diligence required on Mr O’Leary’s ability to close this deal by either asking for a letter of intent or a financing commitment!

Now that we have established that the taxpayers have financially sacrificed by you agreeing to waive the metering of the lot for 10 years and without this provision this deal would not have been approved, it then becomes a public matter!

Now,I will ask you once again, Where is the Hotel and if the hotel is not being built who are the idiots that agreed that not metering the Cove for 10 years without it being contingent on the Hotel being built?

Where I come from no one would agree to a deal like this. Anyone who agreed to these terms is clearly incompetent and should step down immediately!

Now answer the questions!