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Deerfield Beach Pier Standing But Closed Due To Damage From Irma Drone Video and Pictures and Deerfield Beach Info Updates


Beach and Pier drone video from Andre Graca,Thanks!



Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach,Fl-The city of Deerfield Beach has just announced the pier is closed to the public as it has been damaged by Huricane Irma.

AAA has suspended “Road Calls For Service Statewide” until further notice.Hiilsboro Boulevard is full of downed trees as are many roads be careful out there.There is alot of debris and nails from construction projects and other things,have seen several people with flat tires.

Publix in Coconut Creek on Lyons is open 7-11 on Hillsboro and Powerline is open has gas and some food items,beer line longer inside now than for gas.

Broward County Courts wil remained closed through Tuesday,follow up daily to see when they will reopen.


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FLL will re-open on Tuesday at 4 AM. All passengers are advised to call their airlines for updates.

We have posted a picture of just before the storm and  one from Facebook of this AM.(From Joann Giancane).

As well as drone video.of the beach post Irma.(From Andre Graca)

I have contacted the city to see if they have any additonal info aside from the pier is closed,about flooding and road closures

FPL reporting still over 629,000 Broward County customers without power and 509,000 in Palm Beach County.as of 2.45 today.

Fort Lauderdale Airport to resume service at 4AM Tuesday morning.

Channel 10-WPLG reporting of severe damage and roof leaks at a senior center used as a shelter  east of I-95  and north of Hillsboro .WPLG saying this building Palms Of Deerfield Beach controlled by Deerfield Beach Housing Authority.