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Attorneys Nationwide Seek, TRO’s/ Injunctions It’s “Likelihood of Success on The Merits”!


Deerfield-news.com-Deerfield Beach,Fl-Nationwide attorneys are filing emergency motions seeking Injunctions restraining and enjoining President Trumps executive order.The order banning muslims from seven countries.Even though the administration is playing word games and denying it’s a Muslim ban.This is what is needed to receive a “Temporary Restraining Order” and the a Preliminary Injunction.While sometimes our courts can be slow this type of relief comes quickly .Yesterday a NY Federal District Judge issued a stay.

A New York Federal Judge has granted a stay blocking part of President Trumps executive order on immigration.In making this ruling the Federal Court found Plaintiffs/Petitioners have a likelihood of success on the merits,that their constituional rights were being violated.While not a “Temporary Restraining Order’ this stay certainly protects the Plantiffs/Petitioners,and does enjoin and restrain The US Government and it’s various agencies charged with implementing the President’s order.The order also directs the US Marshals Service to enforce the order.


In general, there are four elements that must be met for a court to grant a preliminary injunction or a TRO. They are: 1) that there is a likelihood of irreparable harm with no adequate remedy at law; 2) that the balance of harm favors the movant; 3) that there is a likelihood of success on the merits of the case; and 4) that the public interest favors the granting of the injunction.

President Trump’s Importation ban of Muslims Order and that is what it is sure seems UNCONSTITUTIONAL. In less than ten days from swearing to uphold and defend the ConstitutionTrump seems with wreckless disregard to spew out a knowingly UnConstitutional Executive Order.For all Americans we will now get to see the Judicial branch take action and offer remedy to those affected .I would expect one of the several cases filed to be acccelerated and heard by SCOTUS,maybe with 8 Justices.President Trump who ran on a platform promising jobs, I will say this Trump is creating  jobs mostly in the legal profession right now.