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Deerfield Beach Jewish faithful celebrate Sukkot


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach Fl,-In the parking  lot of Berkshire E  in Century Village members of Deerfield Beaches Jewish community celebrate the Holiday of Sukkot.As this observer was busy snapping photos the participants in the sukkah were friendly  inviting us in to pray with them.
Sukkot is a Jewish Holiday at the end of the High Holidays celebrated in the Hebrew calendar month of  15-21 of Tishrei.
A sukkah, a temporary building is constructed, all meals are to be eaten in the Sukkah .
The roof should be covered with branches and leaves this festival celebrates the Jews wandering in the Sinai after leaving Egypt and giving thanks to G*D for his kindness and the bountiful Harvest and Jews must reaffirm their trust in G-D.
The four kinds are as symbolic as the Sukkah is during Sukkot,
an Etrog,(citron),a Lulav( a Palm Frond)3 Hadissim(Myrtle Twigs)and 2 Aravot(Willow Twigs) all of the four kinds are then put in your hands a blessing is said and then the four kinds are shaken in 6 directions.
Below are some picture we took of this modern day Sukkah that keeps Jews worldwide tied to their ancestors.

The car is not in the way of photo ,but is used to keep the temporary Sukkah secure and to the ground.
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