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Deerfield Beach Cigar And Lucky Lotto Store Celebrating 47 Years And 2 Generations!


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach, Fl- One of Deerfield’s oldest candy and cigar and greeting card stores is now celebrating its 47th year in business in Deerfield Beach. Century News and Tobacco is located at 1818 West Hillsboro Boulevard in Century Plaza. The Greens Norman and Elliott, were among the pioneers of Century Plaza which was built by the builders of Century Village, as they were finishing construction on the condominium complex. Cenville added the shopping center in 1976 The Greens are the only original retail tenants left in Century Plaza since opening day.

Green’s expertise and knowledge about the cigar industry are apparent when listening to him talk with customers. Green also sells a lot of lottery tickets, it seems our seniors like scratch-offs.

Known as “Your Lucky Lotto Store”, Green has sold a lot of winning tickets, as you can see posted in the windows and throughout the store.

Century News is a Western Union agent and also makes keys, and copies, sells greeting cards, and phone cards, and offers faxing service.

A true family business with founding father Norman as well as son Elliott running a successful family store in Wilmington Delaware prior to opening in Deerfield in 1977. Norman has since passed, and Mom Jean also has passed. Now  Elliott’s wife Joanne is also at the store. In the season Green is open seven days a week, out of season six. The store carries a little bit of everything and is truly a community gathering place. Over the years many celebrities and parents of celebrities that lived in Deerfield Beach have shopped at the store. From David Brenner’s Dad, Lou to Al Goldstein and his Dad, Sam. Sports caster Chris Shenkel and Baseball Hall of Famer Phil Rizzutto were also regulars from Deer Creek. Many of our former city commissioners from Ben Budd and Joe Trachtenberg to Amadeo Trinchitella also were regulars at Century News. Deerfield Beach Commissioner Bernie Parness also frequents Green’s store. More recently Art Shamsky Major League Baseball player and member of the” Amazing Mets” 1969 team can also be seen there.

As Century Plaza has just finished a major remodeling of the shopping center, Green will be there every morning putting the key in the door bright and early tending to his regulars and visitors alike.