Beach, Fl-It was just a couple of years ago I had a friend recommend Joseph’s. When I went my first time “Tommy Da Baker” had just taken over from Joseph. Tommy “Da Baker” Garguilo is a hard-working talented and dedicated small businessman. A true family and friends operation Joseph’s hands down make quality baked goods and they are super friendly!

From cakes to pies to cookies, freshly baked bread and rolls to all sorts of Italian specialties including biscotti, pignoli nut cookies, sfogliatelle, napoleons, eclairs, almond macaroons, and more Tommy “Da Baker” knocks it out of the park. Tommy also makes fresh focaccias and pizzas. This week I had a friend bring me some of Tommy’s black and white cookies and Reese’s peanut butter cookies both out of this world delicious. Of course, do not forget the cannoli’s. So be sure to stop by and visit Joseph’s Italian Bakery and see Tommy. Located at 788 South Federal Highway in the newly remodeled Village Mart Shopping Center you can call them at 954-571-7747 you can also find them and Like them on Facebook Joseph’s Italian Pastry Shop.


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