Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Deerfield Beach offers a free rideshare program. Details Below about the program from the city of Deerfield Beach.

Freebee Rideshare Service In DFB!

Freebee Ride Share Service


The Deerfield Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) has partnered with Freebee to provide free, on-demand, 100% electric transportation to and from District businesses.

The new rideshare service offers free, on-demand rides in electric-powered Tesla vehicles to riders requesting a ride from any home or hotel in the City of Deerfield Beach to any business in the Deerfield Beach CRA. Rides will not be available to riders requesting a ride from the Cove to the beach. After riders visit their desired restaurant, store, or service, they can book a return ride for free as well. All rides are based on availability and must be booked through the Freebee app. The service will operate from 4 pm to 11 pm Thursday through Sunday. Visit  https://www.deerfield-beach.com/2189/Freebee-Rideshare

Businesses located in the CRA District will be able to place advertisements on the app to attract customers. Advertisers may offer special promotions to Freebee riders to encourage their business.

The Deerfield Beach CRA’s multi-faceted redevelopment plan includes making improvements to the roadway network and traffic flow through the District. By taking single occupancy vehicles off the road, the CRA commercial district will benefit from less traffic congestion and offer business patrons an alternative when parking spaces are in short supply. This is a pilot program that will be evaluated once the service is in operation. The service can be modified to best serve the needs of the District businesses and their customers.

About Freebee

Headquartered in South Florida, Freebee pioneers free, on-demand, 100% electric public transportation. With a growing fleet of over 150 electric vehicles, it offers transformative transportation to 40 municipalities and campuses within Florida and Virginia. Delivering over a million free rides annually, Freebee reshapes local mobility and strengthens community ties. The service not only provides accessible, eco-friendly transit but also helps connect people to their destinations, local businesses, and their community. Freebee inspires a new way of experiencing your community. To learn more, visit www.RideFreebee.com.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Deerfield Beach CRA at 954.480.4262. For additional information on the Freebee Rideshare Service, please visit https://www.deerfield-beach.com/2189/Freebee-Rideshare.


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