Home Business Food Review Deerfield Beach-Rita’s Water Ice “That’s Nectar”

Food Review Deerfield Beach-Rita’s Water Ice “That’s Nectar”


Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-A quick stop last night at Rita’s Water Ice on Military Trail in the Sawgrass Promenade Shopping Center.

As a guy from Jersey who spent 5 years between Deerfield Beach and Pennsylvania from 2009-2013. I can say I have missed some Rita’s Italian Ice and Custard. The new Deerfield Beach location is located next door to Dunkin Donuts in Sawgrass Promenade.

Rita’s was on point I ordered a root beer water ice mixed with chocolate custard. Delicious refreshing tasty treat at the end of a long day. Stop by Rita’s staff was super friendly the store is sparkling clean and they have water ice and custard what could be bad with that?

Rita’s Franchise Company, LLC, doing business as Rita’s Italian Ice, is a privately owned and operated American quick-service restaurant chain originating in the Philadelphia metropolitan area that expanded throughout and now operates primarily in the Mid-Atlantic United States.

Rita’s Italian Ice and Custard That’s nectar!

Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard
1305 S Military Trail · (954) 531-6464