Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Lighthouse Point Police have posted on NIXLE that a  Broward County water pumping station was struck by lightning. All three pumps are down. The county is working to fix the issue. There will be a boil water order once service is restored.

Readers on Facebook are saying parts of Deerfield Beach have been affected as well. has contacted the City of Deerfield Beach and we will post any response they send us.

Updated 8.35 pm

Deerfield Beach has responded with the following- “Broward county is having a major issue with their water. There is an outage and are working to repair this issue. This currently affects about 8000 DFB residents. We are working with Broward to help them with this issue.” Rebecca Medina Stewart Director of Public Affairs and Marketing

Stay Tuned updates to follow


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