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No You Can Not Drink On The Beach Or Boardwalk-But Jersey Lawsuit May Change That-What About Medical Marijuana?


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach, Fl- No you cannot drink alcohol on Deerfield Beach or the Boardwalk. Many on Facebook have been questioning BSO enforcing both masks and no alcohol at the beach. We contacted the city of Deerfield Beach to clarify for all what is the law.

“An open container (of alcohol of course) is a violation of state statutes. Masks must be worn on the sidewalk per the emergency orders that have been passed by the county and the city.  We’ve put BSO out there to monitor, but as you can imagine when emergencies happen they leave the beach to police. It’s just impossible to have police everywhere at once.”

Rebecca Medina Stewart-Director of Communications for Deerfield Beach

A recent Federal Court case filed in New Jersey pitting boardwalk operator Jenkinsons against the city of Point Pleasant will determine if the city or state can enforce that law on private property.

As for using medical marijuana on the beach if it is private property and not in the public view it appears the use of medical marijuana by a licensed patient would be permissible under Florida law.

Hey, Ms.Clothier how about it? A private club not visible from the public view you have enough property over there can hang some shades making it out of the public view……..

Can charge an entrance fee and membership fee. Hell even if they fine you they do not collect.