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Crowd Size Envy and Alternative Facts Plague Trump!


Deerfield-News.com- Deerfield Beach,Fl-President Trump who appeared at CIA headquarters on Saturday and discussed the crowd size of his inauguration has dissed some CIA officials.Trump as we reported in “Inauguration Crowd Size Envy”,now has “Alternative Facts”.This administration is off and running with a controversial first three days.They seem to still be stuck in a mode of campaigning as opposed to governing.
President Trump seems obsessed with his own self agrandizement.The statements made about the press are just false.His visit to the CIA had a negative effect in his trying to repair damage he caused by not stating facts in the first place.This was not a campaign rally but a serious meeting with our new President and top intelligence officals.Today Trump insisted he won the popular vote because there were 3-5 million illegals who voted.
This occured during a meeting with congressional leaders.

“Alternative Facts” a phrase coined by KellyAnne Conway during a televison interview.

Alternatative Facts have many Americans and many in the media and press concerned.Media icons have come out today including reporter Carl Bernstein insistng all journalists hold the Trump administration to the facts.
Trump who campaigned and told some big lies.Trump who insited Obama was not a natural born American . That was and is a lie and Trump may have been the biggest benefactor of fake news ever.Legitimate news sources can not stand by and allow anyone including the President to lie and have his own Alternative Facts.
Trump and his adminstration must understand facts are facts.We can all have different opinions,but a fact is a fact.
Alternative Facts are Lies ,not truths,but LIES.
Photo above President Trump and Deerfield Beach businessman and boxing promoter Don King.