Deerfield Beach, Fl-Today on Facebook in our group Deerfield Beach many posters are concerned about dog owners disobeying city ordinances and not following signs. Some seem concerned the signs maybe not clear enough. Others seem to put the burden on the dog owners for just disobeying the city ordinance and walking dogs on the boardwalk and beach and not cleaning up after them. Other complaints include those pet owners who allow their dogs to run free off a leash and sometimes putting fear into those on the beach who may encounter the unleashed dog. Here are some of the posts that tell us your thoughts.

Yes, will contact city officials and ask if they have an enforcement plan and if they are aware that this situation is a sore spot with residents.



A favor please … if you’re a beach dog walker that doesn’t respect the huge flashing “NO DOGS ON BEACH” sign that’s cool. I can respect your desire to be a rule breaker or a rebel. I get it if you’re special and rules don’t apply. I can even get behind stickin’ it to The Man. But for god sakes, keep your dog on a leash. Just because YOU know that your 100+ pound creature has no murderous intention doesn’t mean that I know it … especially when it’s charging at me full speed while you just stand there and watch the show. Thank you.



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