DEERFIELD BEACH CORRUPTION-Mayor Ganz Knew Hanson Stole Money That Was Not His And David Santucci Is Accused Wife Beater- Where Is State Attorney Where Is OIG – Deerfield Beach, Fl-CORRUPTION RAMPANT AT CITY HALL MAYOR NOT TRUTHFUL-

Here is what we know our city manager Burgess Hanson misused/stole about $16,000 from apparent COLA money he was not entitled to. mayor Ganz got wind of this allowed it as Burgess was supposed o pay it back. Then on Friday, he learns Burgess did not and things blow up and Herr Ganz demand resignation. Ok so it is ok to steal from the city of Deerfield Beach. The Mayor and I am sure others knew about it and there is no investigation?

Here are The  Sun-Sentinel Quotes from Ganz-

Ganz also said Hanson told him late last year he had accidentally been overpaid by the city by about $6,000 but would pay it back immediately, with interest.

Only when Ganz followed up in February, he learned the figure was actually closer to $16,000, and the manager told him he had already paid it back to the city, Ganz said. Last week he asked again and demanded proof of payment — then Hanson said he would pay it the next day, which he did, Ganz said.

So the Mayor last year “KNEW” the city manager received $6000 which was $16000 dollars illegally and no one is investigating the mayor, too?????



Listen to the meeting we have enclosed the video from Tuesday’s meeting Commissioner Parness cannot approve this guy fast enough Ganz who knew that Santucci has some real problems from the email accusing him of wife beating. Yet Ganz lies to Commissioner Preston who is concerned and wanted a little more time……..

They voted for Santucci an accused alleged wife beater to be interim city manager…….Mayor Ganz knew everything before this meeting and the vote.


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