Our Take-The Real Dirty In Deerfield “Our Beach” -If We Can Afford 150K For A Sign 80K For Christmas Lights We Can Afford The Best To Keep Our Beach Clean Without Citizens And Tourists Using Shovels And Buckets

Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-In a city rife with spending without using the proper bidding process any chance they get.  In a city where spending money like water is an art form, we fail to beautify and maintain our beach properly. Please stop the shredding and re-dumping of trash, cigarette butts, and worse back into the sand while raking.

We in Deerfield Beach are neglecting our beach our biggest asset. Anyone who has seen our sand and examined it close up knows it is contaminated with litter and debris. The reason is the equipment we now use which is like a shredder. Please, folks, put pressure on our elected officials to stop this madness and upgrade. Allow our hardworking city employees to have the finest in beach maintenance equipment and complete their task with a spectacular result. Our beach is the key to tourism, continuing to allow ground up cigarette butts and litter to taint our beach is stupid!

Buy the right equipment to clean our beach!

Video -George Cherenack


Every day smash and bury. Hard worker. Buy him modern equipment and use better practices to remove plastic and other trash from our beach. Make what looks good in photos truly good. Stop killing Mother Nature.

Posted by George Cherenack on Friday, February 8, 2019


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