Deerfield Beach And The DW’S- Driving While Old- Driving While Texting- Driving Without Signaling-There Ought To Be An App For That Beach,Fl- Welcome to Florida’s season,which means the roads are twice as full as they should be.

The first of our DW’S is Driving While Old.A truly potential danger for Florida motorists as we have no mechanism for stopping older impaired drivers.As has reported the State of Florida pretty much leaves it up to friends or family members to take the keys away from seniors in order to stop them from driving.The State of Florida has no mandatory retesting at any age level and only requires eye exams as you age.There is no mechanism in place for concerned family members to actually have the state do something to revoke a seniors license that should not be driving.

Driving While Texting every parents nightmare as their teenagers begin to drive.That said it is not only teens texting and driving ,the dangers of texting and driving are understated and may exceed those of impaired drivers.Please keep your eyes on the road and off the cell phone key pad.

Driving Without Signaling-This seems to be the norm here in Florida, like an option.Including “Law Enforcement” they too,leave a lot to be desired when it comes to using turn signals In this day of self driving cars and trucks,there ought to be an app for forcing the use of your turn signals.

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