Our Pick Best Pizza and Pasta in Deerfield Beach!


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach,Fl-Our pick for Best Pizza (Thin) and Pasta- Spaghetti and meatballs, Eggplant Parm and Meatball Parm and more stop in at The Cove to checkout Michael’s Pizzeria.

The pick of Best Pizza and Pasta is never an easy pick for me blogging, as a kid growing up in Jersey pizza was part of everyday life and still is. I am a Pizza  addict and lover since age 5. We carefully have tasted and tried all known Deerfield Beach pizzerias including ,the chains to be fair. The number of pizzerias in Deerfield Beach has grown significantly over the years.Today, Deerfield Beach has over 24 restaurants that offer pizza and pasta and that number is growing quickly.

Some of us can remember when Deerfield Beach only had 2 then 3 pizzerias ,now with ten times that amount we had a pizza party to select our favorite.

Michaels Pizzeria  eat-in, take-out and great delivery service.
Brand new location stop on by Michael’s and grab a pie.
Now open in The Cove shopping center 1645 S E 3rd Court.Michaels has Deerfield Beach’s best pizza and pasta.
From their Neapolitan style thin crust pies, to baked ziti with meatballs and zeppoles and homemade Italian donuts.
Michael’s hands down the best pizzeria in Deerfield Beach. New location same ‘Great Food” easy parking for pick-up customers, same friendly staff.Stop in say hello to Michael and Vinny South Floridas finest pizza man.

Now it is your turn all readers invited to send us your favorite Deerfield Beach eatery.

Visit them online at  www.Michaels-Pizzeria.com for a full menu.

Deerfield-news.com would like your input.

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