Deerfield Beach Celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah, but not Festivus!




 Deerfield Beach,Fl

With “The Festivus Pole” removal by the City Commission without court approval, Deerfield Beach celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah. Hopefully Deerfield Beach’s Nativity Scene and Hanukkah Menorah remain un-vandalized and in tact. Unlike in Boca Raton’s Sanborn Square,where vandals have struck four times.A Boca Raton Police department investigation is pending of the vandalism incidents.

Deerfield Beach Ojun Provacateur, Chaz Stevens ,a local blogger had planted his pole in Deerfield Beach’s Free Expression Zone. The City of Deerfield Beach had it removed .Stevens who has also placed the Festivus pole in The Capitol in Tallahassee could not make it there this year. has reported that the City of Deerfield Beach has not denied it removed the Festivus Pole. That act of planting the pole, seems to be protected free speech as stupid as it may be, or as unpopular and uncomfortable. Unlike in Boca Raton where local school teacher Preston Smith had a permit for his Satanic display. The City of Boca Raton issued the permit and says it is his right to post the Satanic display in Sanborn Square.

So from Deerfield Beach where, The City Commission apparently took it upon themselves to decide constitutional matters of freedom of speech.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and Happy Festivus to The Rest of Us!

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